The purpose of a Liability insurance is to protect your business from the financial loss a claim for compensation may cause. The amounts of compensation may be substantial and threaten your business’ finances or even existence at worst. Within the scope of the terms and conditions, the insurance will cover the compensation itself and also cover any litigation costs that may incur. We offer liability insurance to all business sectors.

General Liability

A General Liability insurance is recommended for all manufacturing, sales and marketing enterprises, as well as service providers, irrespective of trade. The insurance covers third party legal liability for personal injury or property damage caused in the course of your business activities.

Products Liability

A Products Liability insurance covers third party legal liability for personal injury or property damage attributable to defects or hazardous properties in products manufactured, imported or sold by your company. It is usually purchased together with a General Liability insurance.

Professional Indemnity

A Professional Indemnity Insurance covers third party legal liability for pure financial loss caused by errors or omissions in the services you provide as a consultant or adviser, e.g. broker, agent, consulting engineer or assessor.


If you have employees, you should consider buying Crime insurance. The insurance provides protection against financial loss if employees commit crimes against you as an employer.

Legal Expense

Any business may run the risk of being drawn into litigation procedures which can erode the company’s liquidity. Our legal expenses insurance covers disputes with counterparties that are domiciled in the Nordic countries or the EU / EEA. Our insurance covers the cost of legal counsel and trial expenses.